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as crafters can diecast model

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as crafters can model

The most significant feature or advantage of this clay is it can be dried without firing in a kiln. Thus, it is ideal for a whole host of projects for children, students, hobbyists and professionals.

Projects suited for this material include sculptures, decorative items, dolls, ornaments, figurines, buttons, jewelery, toys, and cards or scrap book embellishments, and other creative projects. Crafters use this type of clay as it is versatile, allows for re-working by wetting the surface, and it can easily be air dried at room temperatures. Even those who are using traditional clay will like it as it does not need to be baked in an expensive and energy consuming kiln.

Air-dry clays generally belong to one of four groups. The first group is wood pulp and paper based clays. The second are stone or pumice based clays, the third are polymer based resin clays, and the fourth are cold porcelain clays and homemade clays containing glue, cornstarch and other ingredients. This last group includes air-dry clays, similar in colour to porcelain and finely grained, but not brittle like real porcelain. A number of clays are a hybrid. For instance, polymer based wood pulp clay gives the best of both types.

Today, there are numerous companies that offer many air-dry clay products with a range of colors, consistency, workability and drying time.

Air-dry clays can also be colored. Since most clays are available in white or off-white and terra cotta colour, they can be colored using pigments mixed into the clay.

For modelling, a crafter can combine together small pieces of clay, coiling them to create figures, jewelery or pottery. In order to sculpt, crafters can use special tools or their hands to create figurines, doll heads and miniatures. Additionally,, the clay can be thrown and turned on a traditional potter's wheel.

As this clay is easy to work, crafters can use a combination of modelling and sculpting techniques. For example, in order to make a doll's head, a crafter can sculpt the head and model the ears and nose by applying additional pieces of clay. Many types of air-dry clay can also be cast by pouring into reusable moulds.

Other than using a potter's wheel for working with this type of clay, a crafter may use several types of hand-held equipment to obtain a perfect shape,diecast models, such as a knife, a rolling pin, and a chopping board. Many types of clays can also be extruded under pressure through a die.

Tips to decorate clay craft projects

To decorate the project, rubber stamps are a perfect way to impress patterns. These rubber stamps come in a wide range of images, such as heart shapes, flowers, animals, or quotations, and various patterns or textures. These deep-etched stamps will give a clear impression, as well as add a complementary texture. Additionally, small objects, such as buttons with unusual surface textures, can be impressed to give a unique effect.

The clay will take from one to four days to dry depending upon consistency and thickness. Once dry, the project can be painted, stained, sanded, polished, re-worked, carved, and drilled. It is highly workable, both before and after the clay has cured. The types of finishing are practically unlimited. However, it cannot take traditional glazes, and most self-hardening clays should not come in contact with food, or be used to make bowls and plates.

Air-dried clays are high-tech products that incorporate the best aspects of the traditional clay products. They are easier, and more durable to use when compared to the traditional or old fashioned clay.

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